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Brazilian Voices brought to the stage a new show with a new theme. Featuring the renowned Jorge Sosa band, Nestor Torres and 40 female voices mixed with soothing lounge grooves. With its original music arrangements, the group explored Brazilian and American pop music, from Bossa Nova to Samba in an elegant, relaxing and upbeat atmosphere. This was a one-time, sold-out concert completely embraced by a vibrant audience that sang along and cheered through every song. A true masterpiece!

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  1. Monica Gargiulo Benitez

    Dear friends from Brazilian Voices:

    I would like to thank you for the wonderful concert you delivered on May 10th!!!!

    When I attended the Alegria show I left the theater re energized, with the upbeat music that was contagious, happy and full of life!!

    This time with Bossa Nova the energy was different. After a stressful week at work this performance was the perfect therapy for a Friday night. After a few songs I felt peaceful and relaxed… the ambience, the decorations, the lighting… everything was conducive to soothe the spirit.

    What a surprise it was to see the acrobat/ballerina performing her acts while listening to your voices…

    Your special guest: Nestor Torres was a delightful addition to your performance.

    This show was really a treat. Since I feel part of your group of “Family, Friends and Co-workers” I am sure that just like them, we can’t wait to see what Brazilian Voices will deliver next.

    Congratulations on this wonderful show and looking forward to many others…

    May you be blessed with strength, health, happiness and the inspiration and Angelical voices you already have.

    With gratitude:

    Monica Gargiulo Benitez
    Director, Montessory Academy School

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