Who We Are

Brazilian Voices, a non-profit organization, is a women’s vocal ensemble that performs at cultural community and philanthropic events. Brazilian Voices aspires to incorporate the best of Brazilian culture throughout the world.

The group evolved out of a vocal technique workshop organized by Beatriz Malnic and Loren Oliveira in 2001. Since then, these two musical directors have brought together a cast of devoted women, who volunteer their voices and time promoting and preserving the rich multicultural Brazilian heritage fostering multicultural exchange, music appreciation, and education.

Brazilian Voices hosts auditions once a year to bring in new members to the group. As a non-profit organization, the group relies almost solely on sponsorships and grants. Members are not compensated, and all profits revert to the Research and Development of new projects and programs.

For additional information, such as donations, sponsorships, auditions, details on any of the programs, booking concerts and advertising, please use our contact form. You may also view and download the Organization’s Annual Report by clicking on the button below.