From Brazil to the World

The Culture & Education Department was created by the Board of Directors in 2007. From Brazil to the World”  is a combination of informative and beautiful media presentations, live music, dance and Capoeira performances. Audience learns in an interactive and motivating way about Brazilian rhythms and cultures, where Forró/Baião, Afro-Samba, Tropicália, Rock, Bossa Nova, Drum’n Bossa, and Samba were born.

“From Brazil to the World”  is geared towards children, students, adults and the general public. Its purpose is to explore and educate, in a musical context, cultural aspects of Brazil, such as its diversity, economy, history, culture, technology, natural resources and beauty among other topics. This program also aspires to create awareness of Brazil’s global contributions in the areas of nature conservation and eco-awareness, starting with the country’s significant efforts in preserving eco-diversity in the Amazon Rainforest.


Please visit our gallery for pictures and videos of these amazing concerts.

  • Sue Scaglione
    Sue was born in the city of São Paulo, Brasil. She graduated in Education and Physical Education and holds a master degree in School Administration and Children’s Psychology. Sue was a school principal in Brazil prior to relocating to the US where she had opportunities to continue her studies in Education and also explore new things. She has moved a few times and has lived in Brazil, the US and Switzerland. Sue enjoys exposure to multicultural exchanges, diversity, arts and education, and Brazilian Voices has allowed her to become involved in many of the things she loves. 
  • Thais Reiss
    Born in Brazil, living in Miami and traveling as often as possible, Thaís has a BA in International Relations and an MBA in Marketing, having worked for companies such as Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida, Odebrecht, FedEx, and JeffreyGroup. Thaís spearheaded the implementation of a nationwide sustainability award for undergraduate students, working with more than 200 universities throughout the U.S., including leading institutions such as Johns Hopkins University, University of California Berkeley, and Harvard University. Besides playing the keyboard and piano, she undertook composition lessons in 2002 with Loren Oliveira, when she joined the Brazilian Voices: a self-endeavor of art, culture, friendship, and heritage.