Vocal Workshops

As a non-profit organization, Brazilian Voices relies almost solely on sponsorships, grants, and funds obtained through advertisements and donations. Members are not compensated, and all proceeds are applied to the development of new projects and programs, supporting the Brazilian Voices’ mission of promoting philanthropic events for the community. Vocal Workshops represent an alternative source of income.

Exercise your Voice to Improve Communication Workshop

This enjoyable workshop, with no singing experience required, shares virtual vocal musical activities designed to engage participants and to build connection through teamwork. This workshop will take your group or team through multiple rounds of easy-to-follow vocal activities in a fun and simple way. Your group will be divided into small teams and placed into virtual breakout rooms for each musical activity round.
Workshop Leaders Loren Oliveira and Beatriz Malnic (Co-founders of Brazilian Voices & Musical Directors) and Vivi Neves (Brazilian Voices singer & Audio Engineer) will help you to discover the power of singing through vocal training and activities to master your voice and improve communication.
This 30-minute to 1 hour workshop comprises Vocal Technique Exercises focused on: Breathing, Posture, Speaking with Clarity, Diction, Intonation, Harmony, and Improved Communication, which are the keys to successful public speaking and performance.
Participants may also learn to sing a couple of simple songs using workshop techniques to improve productivity and constructive collaboration among participants.
90% of people are afraid they can’t sing, but studies show that everyone can learn to sing with a few simple singing techniques. In fact, once they find their voice, many don’t want to stop singing! Finding your proper vocal placement and breath projection to unleash your true “vocal identity” creates confidence and well-being.
Singing has been shown to improve mood, posture, sleep, lung capacity, mental alertness and the immune system as it is very effective as a stress reliever. 
Absolutely no prior musical experience is required!
These facilitated music-making workshops are inclusive, inspirational, fun, and lead to valuable, practical insights and skills that your team can apply right away:
·  Creative problem solving
·  Positive communication, including non-verbal
·  Increased enthusiasm and self-esteem
Perfect for Team-Building among colleagues, students, or staff and great for personal growth and exploration! 
Contact us to discuss custom-designing workshops for your team or for additional information.