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EP “Eu Canto!”

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🎶 Brazilian Voices is celebrating its 20 anniversary with “EU CANTO!”

Brazilian Voices is bringing a new soulful sound to fans & followers with the release of its long-awaited original EP (extended play/digital album), “EU CANTO!” (“I Sing!”). 
“EU CANTO!” comprises 4 tracks of slow Samba and Bossa Nova songs with original voice arrangements, accompanied by acoustic guitar, cavaquinho, piano, shakers, cajon and tambourine.
Tracks on this EP:
  1. Samba Enredo do Brazilian Voices
  2. Canta Cavaquinho
  3. Por Isso Eu Canto
  4. Rise, My Daughters, Rise
For the production of this EP, singers recorded their voice tracks on their phones individually. Voices and backgrounds were later mixed at the BV’s home studio in 2021.
Listen to some samples:

Lounge Brazil CD

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Studio recording of songs from Lounge Brazil Concert on May 2013. Listen to some samples:

Other Tracks on this CD:

  1. Água de Beber

  2. Firework

  3. Serrado

  4. Wave

  5. Aguas de Março

  6. Garota de Ipanema

  7. Minha Namorada

  8. Chovendo na Roseira

  9. Você e Eu

  10. Corcovado

  11. Samba do Avião

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