BV Performances and Concerts – 2006 through 2010

One Voice

Fort Lauderdale – Brazilian Voices, the seven-time Brazilian Press Award winner vocal group and non-profit organization, brought One-Voice Concert to the Amaturo Theater of the Broward Center For the Performing Arts on Friday, November 19th at 8:30 PM. Another unique concept and performance with 50 singers, the group brought to the stage a combination of the best of Brazilian popular and classic music, as well its own songs never released before.

Tom Jobim and Villa-Lobos compositons, among others, blended with 50 voices in skillful and always original vocal arrangements. Special participation of Wendy Reynolds, Birgit Fioravante and Heather Coltman from Duelling Divas®, who performed the Bachianas #5 of Villa-Lobos, O Fortuna from Carmina Burana among others. Mike Orta, Claudio Silva and Paulo Carvalho accompanied the group on the best of Brazilian music, as well on the group’s own compositions which were presented for the first time. This concert brought a feminine and romantic theme especially for this one-time performance.

The group also released a new CD, titled ‘One-Voice’ with most of the songs performed during the Concert.


09/08/08, Fort Lauderdale – After so many sold-out concerts, the five-time Brazilian International Press Award winner was back with a vibrant show. AfroBrazil came to the Amaturo Theater of the Broward Center for the Performing Arts on Saturday, November, 1st at 8:30 p.m.

AfroBrazil presented the rich and unique musical rhythms that were born long ago when the liveliness of Brazilian music fused with the African heritage of playing drums. Two continents, separated millions of years ago, were reunited on stage in the voices of almost 50 singers that delivered a spectacular medley of genres like, Maracatu, Samba, and Reggae from famous interpreters like Gilberto Gil, Milton Nascimento, Bob Marley, Lenine, among others. Percussion beats echoed the intense and powerful energy of two cultures that thrive in music and passion.

Featuring as a special guest was the locally acclaimed Jazz musician, composer and producer George Tandy, and his talented band. George is an incredible jazz and adult contemporary piano player, and has the best and strongest Party Dance Bands in South Florida, with special appearance of Jamaican singer Shari MacDonnough. Another special guest was Diogo Brown from Brazil, an amazing bass player, songwriter and producer from Niterói, Rio de Janeiro. His outstanding work has been previously showcased with Brazilian Voices previous SAMBA Concert at the Amaturo Theater.

Brazilian Voices Unplugged

07/10/07 – Due to the enormous success of the two sold out concerts last year in the city of Sunrise, FL, the Five-time International Press Award Winner, Brazilian Voices performs for the second time at the Sunrise Civic Center Theatre on Saturday, August 18 at 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.

The smooth voices of 48 women that have been performing since 2001, delight the audience with their new acoustic performance.

From Gilberto Gil to Djavan to Tribalistas, songs like “Carnavalia”, “Como Uma Onda no Mar” and “Ovelha Negra” are added to their repertoire to also attract a younger crowd, accomplishing one of their missions, which is to promote social integration by reaching audiences of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

With three released albums “Brazilian Voices”, “Brazilian Voices Holiday Celebration,” and “Brazilian Voices and Friends Live” – dedicated to the American Cancer Society, this award winning group dazzle the spectators with their captivating energy and unique interpretation of Brazilian contemporary pop music.

Brazilian Voices and Friends II

03/02/07 – After two sold out concerts last year in Sunrise, Florida, Brazilian Voices, four times Brazilian International Press Award winner, is back with a second, vibrant and energizing show!

The vocal group that has been performing since 2001, consisting of talented females with diverse artistic backgrounds including Broadway, television and theatre, perform at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts on March 16, 2007!

The night features special guests from Brazil and USA. The Peruvian-Brazilian Adriana Mezzadri, with her sound-like-flute delicate voice gives the audience a breezy experience like never before. George Tandy and Band, one of the strongest party dance bands in South Florida are also part of the celebration. The very famous Erick Paredes makes the most creative mixes with funk and samba-jazz style. And the extremely talented musicians Mike Orta, Don Wilner, and Paulo Carvalho complement this incredible fusion of sounds and rhythms.

The astonishing voices delight the audience with their unique interpretation of Jazz, Samba and Bossa Nova. Songs like “Garota de Ipanema”, “Não deixe o Samba Morrer” and “Aquarela do Brasil” are part of their repertoire.

The show is under the artistic direction of Paola Callahan (Jade), whom with her unique and contemporary vision of integrating arts and music also bring to the stage Carmen Gusmão, who demonstrates her passion through a live painting. Brushes move and colors mix to the live sounds on stage, bringing to life a masterpiece of cultural integration without boundaries.

Brazilian Voices launches their live CD, “Brazilian Voices and Friends Live ”, from their first show, and part of the proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Society.

Brazilian Voices in Europe

Scanned History Clips201112_0056

In February of 2006, Brazilian Voices attended this invitation for the first time as part of the Tour of Cultural Interchanges. In that occasion, accompanied by renowned musicians Ramatis and RosiMax, offered concerts in Lope the Vega Theater in Madrid and L’auditori Theater in Barcelona.

12/13/06 – Transcending barriers of language, nationalities and now oceans, Brazilian Voices offered its third concert in Spain on December 2nd 2006. L’auditori theater in Barcelona, with capacity for 1200 people, was the perfect setting to receive the new repertoire that Brazilian Voices prepared for this show, accompanied by the international talents of Don Wilner, Bass player and by Pianist, composer, Grammy winner Pedro Ferreira.

“Tis the Season to be Jolly” with Brazilian Voices


11/21/06 – It was in NYC, during the perfomance at Joe’s PUB, on Friday, November 17th, 2006, that Brazilian Voices launched the second CD, “Brazilian Voices Holiday Celebration” with excelent response. “What a bright time, it’s the right time, to rock the night away….” it was a perfect combination to release it in the wintry atmosphere of the Big Apple.

For the first time presenting in New York City on the same stage that once belonged to thousands of artists from Alicia Keys, Norah Jones, Marisa Monte to Bebel Gilberto, the public was blown away with the cheerful and light sounds of the 3 times Award winners. They took the audience into a journey of discovery of Brazil, through its diverse regions and musical styles as they pay homage to the lives of the most influential native composers in the history of Brazilian Music.

The CD features songs in English, Spanish and Portuguese, including “Jingle Bells Rock”, “White Christmas”, “Ave Maria”, “No Novo Tempo”, “Feliz Navidad” and much more, incuding the participation of Brazilian Voices kids. It can be purchased online at

The non-profit organization is ready to be part of many corporate Christmas events taking places in December.



Brazilian Voices in NY

11/03/06 – Brazilian Voices, four times Brazilian International Press Award winner is a vocal group that has been performing since 2001, consisting of talented females with diverse artistic backgrounds including Broadway, television and theatre. Melodies from Tom Jobim to James Taylor are part of the presentation of the beautiful distinct voices of the girls. A landmark has created in the heart and soul of the passionate for music as the largest Brazilian group ever created in the United States, promoting social integration by reaching audiences of all ages and cultural backgrounds.
Brazilian Voices will perform at Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater, which in only 8 years quickly became one of New York City’s most celebrated and in-demand showcase venues for live music and performance. The Pub has hosted thousands of artists from Alicia Keys to Norah Jones to Bebel Gilberto, and much more.

Brazilian Voices will delight the audiences with an unique interpretation of Jazz Samba and Bossa Nova accompanied by the talented musicians Mike Orta on the piano and Don Wilner on the acoustic bass.



Brazilian Voices & Friends in Concert

09/09/06 – “Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together”, said Woodrow Wilson. With this intent Brazilian Voices brings the most amazing musicians in South Florida to present with excellence a friendship celebration.

The concert takes place at Sunrise Civic Center Theatre, 10610 W. Oakland Park Boulevard, Sunrise, FL 33351, (954) 747-4646 on Saturday, September 9th at 5pm and 8pm.

The Brazilian Voices & Friends concert donated all proceeds to The American Cancer Society.

Our special guests and friends will cherish great songs that will delight your soul. Adriana Mezzadri, Candi Tandy, Carolina Shorter, Celi Bee, Don Wilner, George Tandy, Goetz Kujak, Jeannette Romeo, Maguinha Machado, Maluh De Felice, Mike Orta, Nadia Nardini, Paulo Carvalho and Vocal Tam will be sharing the stage with Brazilian Voices to perform Bossa Nova, Samba and other rhythms that no one should miss.

Brazilian Voices has frequently performed at the Broward Center for the performing Arts in breathtaking performances with the Japanese group Fushu Daiko. Brazilian Voices also performs in concerts, festivals, dinners, and political event openings.

Brazilian International Press Award

05/27/06 – On Saturday, May 27 2006, at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts at 8PM, Brazilian Voices will be receiving the third consecutive Brazilian International Press Award for its outstanding Brazilian Artist’s CD representing a female vocal group with duo and trio performances in the US, expanding Brazilian music and culture through their phenomenal voices.


Brazilian Voices has achieved these Award Winning categories with excellence, and amazing work over the past 5 years. The Brazilian International Press Award is an honor to Brazilian Voices since the group is composed also by immigrant female singers that represent millions of immigrants in the United States working hard to conquer their dreams in music and arts.

Wherever precious voices sing renowned composers’ songs such as those of Alcione, Ivan Lins, Ana Carolina, Tom Jobim, Vinicius, Ary Barroso, Baden Powell, and others, they are sure to warm the crowd’s heart and soul.

Joy! Joy is what the vocal female group expresses on stage in every performance. The public can’t help but feel moved, enchanted by a spellbound performance of world rhythms, rhythms that move you, whether you are sitting or standing.

To our fans, and those who have not yet become our fans but voted for us, we applaud you for taking us to the stage once more to receive with honor our 3rd Award.

Love life, Love music, Love Brazilian Voices.


Exploring Brazil Through Music

05/17/06- Exploring Brazil through music is an outstanding seminar promoted by Brazilian Voices that takes every participant in a music journey of discovery through different Brazilian regions and their interesting musical styles.

The seminar takes place at Southwest Regional Library:16835 Sheridan St., Pembroke Pines, FL 33331 (954) 538-9996 on Sunday, May 21st. from 2 to 4 pm.

Through slide show presentations, live performances of Brazilian Voices, and motivated speakers the public will learn in an interactive and interesting way where Bossa Nova and Samba started, and the fathers of such rhythms.

Brazilian Voices is a female vocal group, three times award winner of The Brazilian Press Awards, composed of about fifty females who have been expanding Brazilian music in the United States, Brazil, Italy, Spain and Switzerland, singing famous composers of Brazilian music as Tom Jobim, Vinícius de Moraes, Badden Powell, Ivan Lins, Alcione and others.

Brazilian Voices has frequently performed at the Broward Center for the Performing Artsin breathtaking performances with the Japanese group Fushu Daiko. The group also performs in concerts, festivals, dinners, and political event openings.

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