Bonnie Repetti

“Thank you for being a part of the Broward Center’s Arts and Healthcare initiative. I am glad that we share the passion to bring music and performance to those who cannot always attend the theater. The feedback was powerful and positive. Bravo! Thanks again, your special touch is felt by so many.”

Bonnie Repetti
Broward Center for the Performing Arts

Dr. Eugene Ahn MD

“I just find the work that you are doing of such tremendous value to the world, and if we can change our scientific culture about the value of music then I would be glad to have been a small part in your efforts.”

Dr. Eugene Ahn MD
Miami VA Medical Center

Monica Gargiulo Benitez

….” When I attended the Alegria show I left the theater re energized, with the upbeat music that was contagious, happy and full of life!
This time with Bossa Nova the energy was different. After a stressful week at work this performance was the perfect therapy for a Friday night. After a few songs I felt peaceful and relaxed… the ambience, the decorations, the lighting… everything was conducive to soothe the spirit”….

Monica Gargiulo Benitez
Director, Montessori Academy School

Sharon Brooks

“As Director of Education at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, I wish to acknowledge that the Broward Center is very excited and proud to be a partner with the performance group, Brazilian Voices. Through this unique partnership, thousands of students in Broward County Schools have been exposed to the culture, language, history, and art forms specific to the country of Brazil. Through exciting interactive stage performances, as well as through distance learning, the Broward Center serves as a satellite classroom which allows students to become immersed in Arts integration, at our theater, as they attend these special educational shows that are aligned with the Florida State Standards and Core Curriculum. The content of these shows are connected with classroom curriculum and engaged learning experiences to strengthen learning and student achievement. Bravo to Brazilian Voices for making Brazil ‘come alive’ for our students in Broward County.”

Director of Education, Broward Center for the Performing Arts

Nássara Thomé

“… I was able to experience Brazilian Voices’ work in a variety of environments: large-scale concerts, hospital presentations for the “Arts and Healing” program, private events…. a presentation of “From Brazil to the World”…. nothing could have prepared me for the joyous merriment when I witnessed the children being enveloped by a narrative of our history, traditions and music. This is a wonderful, unique program that brings children closer to Brazilian culture and helps build friendship between the US and Brazil.” read more

Nássara Thomé
Deputy Consul - Head of Cultural and Educational Affairs - Consulate General of Brazil in Miami

Mike DeCrescente

“Rhythm Concert: What a night!
I was amazed the entire performance. You all are astounding! I was dancing in my seat the entire night, including the way home. I can’t imagine what a blessing it is to be up there, definitely loving what you’re doing and bringing so much joy to so many people at the same time. A thousand thanks for such a joyful experience and memory! “

Mike DeCrescente
DETAX Accounting

Dr. Anele Manfredini, MD

” I grew up listening to Bossa Nova in Brazil. I am very fortunate to meet Brazilian Voices here in the U.S. and truly enjoy their talents. It is a pleasure to watch them performing for our patients at Holy Cross Hospital. It is priceless to see the patients’ and staff’s reactions when they listen to the music. Music – as we all know – can heal, and Brazilian Voices are helping patients to heal every time they come.”

Dr. Anele Manfredini, MD
Holy Cross Hospital

Consulate General of Brazil



Miami, June 24th 2016

Ms. Beatriz Malnic and Ms. Loren Oliveira
Brazilian Voices Group

After attending several Brazilian Voices concerts and having a very enjoyable time, it is with great pleasure that I present my compliments to all the musicians and singers that are part of such a marvelous group. The performances have always been very intense, educational, and entertaining.

I truly appreciate your organization and the work you do to help share Brazilian culture and music to the local and international community. Your organization really has developed and nurtured the arts and I am happy to learn that Broward County will be celebrating a Proclamation of “Brazilian Voices Day” every September 15th, due to the group’s positive and wonderful contribution to Broward County theaters, schools, universities, and hospitals.

Congratulations and may Brazilian Voices continue keeping the history, passion and art of our beloved country alive through these women’s voices, actions, and hearts.


Helio Vitor Ramos F.


Consulate General of Brazil
The Consul General

Bianor Scelza Cavalcanti

Excelente 👍 👍 👍
Isso não é só um coral. É um movimento de integração entre brasileiras expatriadas, uma escola de música, de solidariedade social internacional, de manutenção da expressividade cultural do Brasil no exterior, de soft power e “até” mesmo um coral de altíssima qualidade maturado há anos. Excelente sua entrevista. Tudo muito emocionante. Parabéns para todas!!!