2012 Arts & Healing Highlights

Brazilian Voices’ Arts & Healing volunteer singers visit hospitals, medical centers, support groups, and institutions hosting the elderly to bring relief, joy, hope, and peace to patients, caregivers, and to the healthcare staff with whom they work collaboratively. In addition to the regularly scheduled on-site performances and special concerts, the Brazilian Voices’ Arts & Healing team conducts workshops to explore the healing nature of music, study the soothing properties of Bossa Nova, and further develop the vocal skills of the singers.
Brazilian Voices has repeatedly experienced what empirical research has suggested: Music has the power of healing. Singers share their passion for Brazilian music with patients and caregivers during these interventions, which have become an integral part of the monthly agenda of institutions such as the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Covenant Village Care of Plantation, and the Memorial Hospital Miramar.

About the Arts & Healing Program

“I just find the work that you are doing of such tremendous value to the world, and if we can change our scientific culture about the value of music then I would be glad to have been a small part in your efforts.”
Eugene Ahn MD – Division of Hematology/Oncology
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine | Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center | Miami VA Medical Center

Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Brazilian Voices treated patients to a special performance in the CTU and Inpatient Unit at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center/UMHC on Friday, March 16, 2012. Sylvester is part of UHealth, University of Miami Health System.
Observations of this visit by a team member:
“Our visit to Sylvester Cancer Center was a beautiful and surprising experience. The hospital staff welcomed Brazilian Voices very generously, allowing us to touch so many patients and their companions with our voices for a brief but meaningful period of time. I was surprised to find such a warm environment, considering the difficult task that Cancer treatment imposes on patients and staff, and I felt as if we were singing at a family gathering instead of a hospital.
Patients were also very receptive, and they expressed their gratitude in various ways, allowing our music to take them places we can only imagine. I keep having flashbacks of some moments of our visit and I would like to share just a few of them with you:

  • Nurses on their way to attend to their patients, carrying medication bags and “swaying” down the corridors to the bossa nova beat while others hummed to the tunes from her posts.
  • Doctors observing their patients’ reaction with great enthusiasm.
  • A Patient who followed us trough a corridor in a pretend “carnaval runway”.
  • A very emotional hospital staff requesting a song for one of their patients.
  • A patient who invited us to come inside his room and said he was so privileged to have us sing for him that day that it made him very happy (he should know the privilege is all ours).
  • The highlight of the day happened when a patient wanted to sing for us, celebrating his grandson’s birthday. He did so with energy and passion that was completely unexpected and delightful.
  • Observing the profound changes of expression in certain patients who were reluctant at first and the tranquility and joy that the music seemed to bring them.

There seems to be such a strong and sincere connection between patients and staff that I consider myself very privileged to associate in some form with this amazing healing team. I am very grateful for the opportunity and looking forward to our next visit.”

Maestro João Carlos Martins with Brazilian Voices Art & Healing

The Arts & Healing Program had the privilege of sharing one of its scheduled visits to Memorial Hospital Miramar with renowned Maestro João Carlos Martins and violinist Lucas Farias on September 22/2011.Accompanied by the young violinist, the Maestro delighted the audience by playing Ave Maria on the Piano at the hospital lobby.The duo also performed at various sectors of the hospital, offering to patients, their companions, doctors,
nurses and hospital staff, the enchantment of music and the power each note has in the soul’s health. Those were special moments of indescribable beauty.

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  1. A&H Team

    Thanks to all of you for making such a difference! Obrigada for the observations, impressions and interventions!
    “a voz é o portal da nossa alma que canta”… “através da criaçáo musical movimentamos forças de transformaçáo”
    And now from our experience last Friday at Covenant Village and Memorial Miramar, and echoing every word said:

    Sue S – “Todas as vezes que os pacientes, acompanhantes, enfermeiras nos agradecem tanto eu penso: “Eles nem imaginam o bem que eles me fazem…eu é que tenho que agradecer!!”
    Virginia E – “We definitely brought a lot of smiling to all the patients and their families”. “I loved to see the interaction of the patients and their families. It was beautiful to see them looking at each other and smiling while we sang”. “I was impressed with the doctors and nurses’ reactions to our singing”. “They danced with each other, they threw kisses at each other and to us, they tried to sing along”! ” While waiting for about 10 minutes in the hall way, our group of angels just stood there. I know we were all thinking about good things, about the people we touched, about the love we gave unconditionally”. We were all present in the moment, serene, fulfilled of love too”.
    Nurses “We didn’t know we would get serenaded by you” … “You have no idea how you change the environment”. “Just to see people relax and smile is a change”… “One of the nurses said: “The nurses would really benefit from it”.
    Patients 1) ” I was sad before, but now I’m happy” … “God Bless you all, you are all wonderful!” 2) “Yo si bailo samba!” -as she swayed along in her wheelchair while we sang “Só danço samba”- “Mira como me puso el corazón” as she commented happily (This was in the cardiac care unit!)
    In Harmony! A&H Corner

  2. Beth Ruhmann

    “I want to thank all of you again for the fabulous performance on
    Wednesday. I received the most wonderful feedback from the staff
    concerning how the music made them feel so relaxed and energized at
    the same time, and they can’t wait for your return. I consider those
    comments to be the highest praise for the Brazilian Voices.

    Beth Ruhmann – Arts in Healthcare Supervisor
    Behavioral and Collaborative Medicine Program
    South Miami Hospital

  3. Lisa Fredda

    “On behalf of Women in Distress of Broward County, Inc., we would like to thank you for offering your time by performing at our Domestic Violence Awareness Month’s, “Performing for Peace” community event in Davie. We appreciate your support towards the movement against domestic violence, and you really helped to make our Performing for Peace event a success by sending a powerful message. It was an honor to have you perform and stand united with other artists who were performing for the cause. We could not have had such a successful event without you and we hope to be able to work with you again in the future! I was looking forward to last night for so long and it really was great! Your group was a delight to listen to and I feel so lucky that you contacted us, and that we have your continued support! Please let them know how much we appreciate it and how wonderful, wonderful, it was for you all come out to the event. The singing was absolutely beautiful, and I will keep you in mind for any future events. Warm regards”,

    Lisa Fredda, M.S. Manager of Community and Professional Education
    Women In Distress of Broward County, Inc.

  4. Michelle Gagnon

    “You and your group certainly brightened our day! Thank you for contacting me and initiating it. It was a wonderful experience for the patients and caregivers, and for me and my student.”……
    Best, Shelley

    Michelle Gagnon Blodgett, Psy.D. Nova Southeastern University
    Geriatric Clinical Services Coordinator, Health Professions Division;
    Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Geriatrics, College of Osteopathic Medicine; & Director, NSU Counseling Center for Older Adults (NCCOA), Center for Psychological Studies.

  5. Sue Cleveland

    “What a wonderful way to bridge cultures!! And needs!! You are all such an inspiration to our entire community. Thank you so much!!! I know everyone loved your performance….I received lots of notes and calls!! Thank you all so much….once again…
    What a great opportunity to bring our support services into the Brazilian community! Thank you once again….see you soon!!” We look forward to having you grace our home!

    Sue Cleveland, Gilda’s Club, Program Director

  6. Bonnie Repetti

    “I must thank and commend you for your beautiful presentation at Gilda’s Club last night! I was proud to help facilitate the bringing of your lovely voices and joyful music to the people who come to Gilda’s for support. Thank you for being a part of the Broward Center’s Arts and Healthcare initiative. I am glad we share the passion to bring music and performance to those who cannot always attend theater performances. It was exciting to hear comments from some of the people at Gilda’s Club and how moved they were by the music. Especially since the songs were sang in Portuguese, people commented that they were really able to feel the music on another level. The feedback was powerful and positive. One gentleman shared that he could feel the music right inside of his body, soothing him. Bravo! Thanks again, your special touch is felt by many”.

    Bonnie Repetti, Programming Coordinator, Broward Center for the Performing Arts

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