2010 – Celebrating two years of Arts & Healing

“Music has charms to soothe the soul, to lift the spirit,
to ease the pain of the suffering mind and the aching body”.

Brazilian Voices Arts and Healing Program – which was inspired and guided by the work of Wellington Nogueira, founder of Doutores de Alegria (Doctors of Joy), continues developing and implementing its community-based project through a series of monthly workshops and performances. Through their soothing voices and Bossa Nova melodies, the Arts and Healing Team work collaboratively with staff, who share the pleasure and enthusiasm of the performers, and hope to fulfill their goal of transforming hospital environments through their musical performances by bringing joy and comfort to patients undergoing different phases of treatment with monthly performances at Covenant Village Care Center of Florida and Miramar Memorial Hospital.

With great satisfaction, Brazilian Voices Arts and Healing Program, recognized for its work in the areas of Performing Arts and Healthcare – is celebrating 2 years of successfully developing and implementing its community-based project . Brazilian Voices Arts and Healing Program consists of a series of workshops that intend to facilitate skill development, vocal training, and harmonious working relatonships with healthcare professionals. The Arts and Healing team will continue to work on enhancing the welfare of patients and staff particularly by focusing on the enjoyment of soothing Bossa Nova melodies with performances at hospitals, and healthcare centers throughout Broward County.

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