Culture & Education

The Culture & Education Department was created by the Board of Directors in 2007. “From Brazil to the World” is a combination of informative and beautiful media presentations, live music, dance and Capoeira performances. Audience learns in an interactive and motivating way about Brazilian rhythms and cultures, where Forró/Baião, Afro-Samba, Tropicália, Rock, Bossa Nova, Drum’n Bossa, and Samba were born.


“From Brazil to the World” is geared towards children, students, adults and the general public. Its purpose is to explore and educate, in a musical context, cultural aspects of Brazil, such as its diversity, economy, history, culture, technology, natural resources and beauty among other topics. This program also aspires to create awareness of Brazil’s global contributions in the areas of nature conservation and eco-awareness, starting with the country’s significant efforts in preserving eco-diversity in the Amazon Rainforest.

Culture and Education Coordinators

Sue Scaglione
Thais Reiss