Concerts and Performances


Our dynamic repertoire, unique mix of voices and original arrangements are continually performed in unprecedented and exclusive concerts, with distinguished themes, geared to local audiences in sold-out events such as “Brazilian Voices and Friends I”,  “Brazilian Voices and Friends II”,  “Unplugged”,  “Women That Rock”, “Samba”,  “AfroBrazil”,  “Funky Jazz”,  “One Voice”,  “Celebrating Women-Ten Years”,  “Beyond Bossa”, Alegria, Lounge, Joy of Brazil, Rhythm, Melodia, Bossa Nova and special concerts in New York at Joe’s Pub. Brazilian Voices international exposure includes performances in London and Mexico City as well as an European Tour, always integrating internationally and locally recognized musicians with the Brazilian tunes, resulting in a brilliant multicultural musical ensemble.


Inspired by the love of singing and a passion to share the Brazilian culture, in 2001 Loren Oliveira and Beatriz Malnic joined their musical talents and placed an ad on a local newspaper recruiting women to sing together.  Since the ad did not yield the desired result, Beatriz and Loren turned to their social network and diligently assembled a small group of fifteen women from varying backgrounds. The Brazilian Voices was then founded and a year later the group started to perform in small venues.

In 2003 the concept of a vocal group setup without a formal conductor was introduced, even though it posed a challenge to the group since amateur singers would now have to perform in a more independent fashion. The group has since been nominated and received numerous awards for a number of exclusive performances.


Brazilian voices  has accumulated over the years more than 450 original vocal arrangements which are carefully prepared by musical directors Beatriz Malnic and Loren Oliveira. When Viviane Neves joined the group in 2004, she applied her professional sound engineering expertise to expedite the learning process of these vocal arrangements by creating sound tracks for three different voices (Sopranos 1 and 2, and Contraltos) and posting them with their lyrics in the Brazilian Voices web portal. This has enabled singers to study between rehearsals, thus accelerating the development of a repertoire. Coordinators are also assigned to each of the voices, allowing better monitoring and offering support to newcomers.

The group presently counts with 30 singers for major events but also has the flexibility to assemble smaller groups and customized performances, targeting smaller audiences and special events. Meetings occur twice a week for vocal training and music practice for performances, with an annual average of 142 rehearsal sessions. Since the group started in 2001, more than 150 wonderful women have joined the organization (Former Members). It is a big family that shares a passion for singing and sees rehearsals as special and precious moments, when members have fun, relieve stress, and gather enormous positive energy and wellbeing through music. As most of the vocal practice is done at home, this amateur group is able to perform at a professional level while still prioritizing family and work.

The Concerts and Performances department delivers performances which are celebrations of the Brazilian culture in South Florida and cross-cultural concerts with international professional musicians.