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BV 2019 Report


Brazilian Voices on TV Record

Link Record News with correspondent Tina Roma(Brazil)

Aired on 1/26/2016
Hosts: Lidiane Shayuri & Clébio Cavagnolle

Brazilian Voices on Globo TV

Documentary by Globo TV during the “Como Será?” variety show

Aired on October 17, 2015.

The report depicts the contribution of voluntary female singers to their community, using music to share the culture of Brazil, and their beautiful soothing voices to bring hope to people in need.

Host: Mariana Ferrão
Director & Presenter: Cesar Augusto
Producer: Luciana Demichelli
Images: Rodrigo Barbosa
English Captions: Humberto Florez

Arts & Healing on WLPG – ABC Channel 10

Random Acts of Kindness

Musicians take their talents to those who can’t make it to theater

Aired on May 9, 2014 – News at 6 PM with Jen Herrera

Brazilian Voices perform at hospitals and nursing homes throughout South Florida

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